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More “Unnecessary” than “Amazing”……

Watched  “The Amazing Spider-man” last night and thought id share my thoughts.

Firstly let me say from now that the film is ok. In most ways it’s a pretty generic action movie with full on explosive cgi fights and a somewhat cliché love storyline but it just misses the mark with over-powering character development and an unnecessary rebooting of a franchise so well-known by all now. Ill break down my review into categories and then summarise my opinion.


The story of a nerd bitten by a radioactive spider has been retold to us a hundred times in different formats (most of those being within the last 10 years) including movies , comics , cartoons and video games. We all know it so well now that a reboot was just uncalled for unless done differently and in a way that makes the audience feel like they have learnt something new about Spidey. I don’t feel that this was achieved in this movie. The main difference here was that the film goes further into Peter Parkers past and the love interest was now Gwen Stacey rather than Mary Jane Watson , which is chronologically correct as Gwen was Peters first true love but it just wasn’t enough to make this reboot worthwhile. In regards to the entire plot of the film , without giving too much away , its a pretty much on point for the introduction of The Lizard and future villains due to the main theme of Oscorp Industry’s research into “combine species genetics”. Such theme opens a clear door for villains like The Scorpion and even Dr Octopus should they choose to modify his origin. Take note that the main story in this film is not Peter becoming a hero or even The Lizard , but the relationship between Peter and Gwen.


Personally i think Andrew Garfield blew Toby Maguire out the water in his portrayal of Peter Parker/Spider-man. Garfield completely embodies the character and is the perfect choice for this version of the web swinger as this film is mainly focused on the “Ultimate Spider-man” comic book franchise.

On the left Andrew Garfield and to the right Peter Parker from the Ultimate Spider-man comics.

Character development was a huge , if not the , main focus point in the film. Out of all the appearing familiar faces from the Spider-man universe including Gwen Stacey , Curt Conners , Flash Thomson , Uncle ben and Aunt May, i feel that Gwen and Curt were the weakest links.   Gwen , who’s played by Emma Stone (Easy A), was quite uninteresting. This is by no fault of Emma but her characters scripting and plot position. She didnt really bring anything to the story or Peter’s life in the way Mary Jane did. As for Dr Curt Connor , played by Rhys Ifans , he just seemed a really poor choice for The Lizard. Also even though he was the main and only villain in the film he was pushed back to a rather dull secondary character due to Peter and Gwen’s blossoming love story.


In terms of action there wasnt anything mind-blowing or memorable. The few fights between Lizard and Spidey were over quite quickly and there wasnt much imagination used for the action scenes. However for what the film lacked in the action department it made up for from other scenes (which i don’t want to go into due to spoilers) but just know Andrew Garfield really brings Spider-man and Peter Parker to life in his solo scenes. Look out for what is probably my favourite scene in the whole film involving Spider-man sitting in the middle of a huge web.


Personally if i had been in charge of this film i would have done 1 of 2 storylines –

1) I would have taken inspiration from the new Spider-man comics where Peter Parker has died and a young black teen by the name of “Miles Morales” is wearing the spandex. This would have brought in the younger audience a lot more introducing them to a young & hip version of Spider-man and it would have kept the older viewers up to date with the goings on in the Spidey universe.

2) I would have kept Andrew Garfield as Spidey and just made the film extremely dark and gothic. Most likely bringing in Venom or Carnage.

However being what it is the films worth a watch be you a fan or not. If you’re expecting non stop blockbuster action then you’ll be disappointed.


Above : Miles Morales swinging into action as the new Spider-man.