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SLENDER : So simple and yet so horrifyingly brilliant

This is for my gamers. If you love horror , or even if you don’t , as a gamer you HAVE to try this.

Basically a indie team has come up with the most basic of game concepts and created one of the scariest experiences any gamer will come across.

The game is called SLENDER and the concept is that its just you , a torch , a forest and  8 pages to find BUT there is something known only as “the slender man” in the forest with you.

As you walk around all you can hear are the branches cracking beneath your feet. Should you catch a glimpse of the slender man , switch off your torch and RUN!

Check out the trailer below.

To make things better , you dont need a high end pc to play it! Just grab the 50mb file HERE and click play! No installation either! So NO excuses!!!!

oh a few tips for you to know…

  • Although there are no on screen displays for health , stamina ,etc …. they do deplete.
  • If you keep your torch on it will run out of batteries.
  • You take damage everytime you look at the slender man.
  • Its not just a forest out there…..

So give it a try and let me know what you think!!!